You can schedule meetings, manage your schedule, add other calendars, and more.

Getting started with Calendar

How should I use the different types of calendar entries?

How do I add other calendars to my Notes calendar?

What are categories and how can I use them in Calendar?

Calendar quick reference

Calendar quick reference

Working with meetings

How do I see when people are available for meetings?

How do I show people when I am available for meetings?

How do I create a repeating meeting?

How do I reserve a room or resource for a meeting?

How do I schedule an online meeting?

Personalizing your calendar settings

How do I show, hide, or change the location of the preview pane in Calendar?

How do I change regional settings, such as timezones, text direction, and days in a work week?

How do I set automatic alarms for all meetings?

How do I put placeholders on my calendar for meetings I have not responded to yet?

How do I reduce the number of meeting-related notices in my Inbox?

Other things you can do with Calendar

Creating a calendar entry from an email or to do item

Adding holidays to the calendar

Setting preferred rooms and resources

Setting preferred conference call information

Cleaning up past calendar entries

Calendar access and delegation

Who can see my schedule and free time information?

How do I give someone access to manage my calendar?

How do I open another person's calendar?

How do I create a shortcut to another person's Calendar?

How do I forward meeting invitations to another person automatically?

Troubleshooting Calendar

Once I have created a meeting, how do I make it repeat?

How do I accept a meeting I previously declined?

What do I do if Notes displays the wrong time?

Advanced Calendar topics

Advanced Calendar topics