Notes applications quick reference

This quick reference card is a list of instructions for common tasks and shortcuts for Notes applications, which you can print and keep at your desk for easy reference.

Table 1. Basics
How do I... Action

Bookmark an unopened Notes application

Click File > Open > Notes application. Select the name of the server the Notes® application is stored on, or select On My Computer in the Look in field. Select an application from the list, click Bookmark and then select the name of the folder where you want to add the bookmark.

Bookmark an open Notes application

Click Create > Bookmark and select the name of the folder where you want to add the bookmark.

Compact a Notes application

From an open Notes application click File > Application > Properties and click the i (Info) tab. Click % used and if the percentage of an application in use is less then 90%, click Compact.

Create a URL link to a composite application

From an open composite application, click Edit > Copy, and select Application URL. Use Edit > Paste to put the link in the application you want to link from.

Find server information if I cannot follow a link

Right-click the link and choose Link Properties, make note of the Hint, then choose FileOpenNotes Application, and enter the hint information to create a connection to that server.

Open a Notes application

Click File > Open > Notes Application. In the Look in field, enter the name of the server, or select a server from the list, or select On My computer. Select a Notes® application from the list of available applications, or click Browse to find an application, and click Open.
Table 2. Advanced
How do I... Action

Create a subscription for a Notes application

Make sure Check subscriptions is checked in File > Preferences > Basic Notes Client Configuration preferences. Open the Notes® application to which you want to subscribe, click Create > Subscription. Specify the required information, and then click OK.

Create a TeamRoom

Click File > Application > New and specify the location and name of the TeamRoom. Select a server to browse for the TeamRoom template, select the TeamRoom (8) template from the list, and then click OK.

Display subscription results on my Home Page

From your Home Page, click the text Click here for Home Page options, then click the Create a new Home Page button. Use the Home Page wizard to set up your Home Page. When choosing what you would like on your Home Page, select to have frames, and then select Subscriptions for a frame content.