To compact a Notes application

Compacting an HCL Notes® application recovers unused space so the application can operate most efficiently.

About this task

For example, if your administrator has set a mail quota, and your mail file becomes larger than the limit set for you, you will start to see warning dialog boxes that you are over quota. If that happens, one of the ways to free up unused space is to compact your mail file.

You can compact Notes® applications if they use simple encryption. Compacting an application does not reduce its size.

When you compact an application that resides on your computer, Notes® may need to make a temporary copy of it depending on necessary internal structural changes. To allow for that possibility, you should make sure that there is sufficient disk space to store the temporary application copy during that process. Compacting an application retains the read marks users see and the existing view indexes.


  1. Open a Notes® application.
  2. Click File > Application > Properties.
  3. Click the Info tab.
  4. Click % used.
  5. If the percentage of an application in use drops below 90% (it contains more than 10% unused space), click Compact.


If you have trouble compacting your mail file that is located on a server, ask your administrator to compact it for you.