How can I set spell check preferences?

You set spelling preferences to specify a default dictionary language and to add any supplemental dictionaries needed. You can also set defaults for how to handle numbers, words comprised of uppercase letters, or words from a language other than the default dictionary language.


  1. Click File > Preferences.

    Notes Basic client users: Click File > Preferences > User Preferences.

    Macintosh OS X users: Click Notes > Preferences .

  2. Click Spell Check (Notes Basic client users: click the plus sign, then click Spell Check).
  3. Set any of the following options:
    Table 1. Spell check preference options

    What do you want to do?


    Set a default dictionary

    Select the language dictionary from the Primary Dictionary list, and then click Set as Default.

    Include an additional dictionary

    Click a dictionary from the Supplemental Dictionaries list.

    Ignore words that contain numbers

    Select Ignore words containing numbers.

    Ignore words that are in uppercase, such as COBOL

    Select Ignore words in UPPERCASE.

    In multi-language documents, continue with the alternate language until a new language tag is reached.

    Select Keep on the fly dictionary changes until next language tag change.

    Flag misspelled words as you type.

    Check Enable Instant Spell checking.

    Automatically correct typing errors as you type Under Instant Corrections, select the typical typing errors you want corrected automatically.
  4. Click OK.

Notes about language dictionaries

About this task

Language dictionaries have the file extension DIC, and are located in your Notes/Data directory. You must install the language dictionaries from the IBM® Notes® CD before you can switch language dictionaries. You can also specify a supplemental dictionary, which is a dictionary containing terms for a specialty such as medicine.