Toolbars work with all the applications in your workspace. Some toolbars are context sensitive, which means that they change depending on the task you are performing.

By default, the context sensitive toolbars display when you need them. That is, if you are viewing documents in a list view, the Navigation toolbar displays automatically. However, you can specify that the Navigation toolbar display permanently. You determine which toolbars display all of the time by setting Toolbar preferences. You can add or remove toolbars from your display, and create customized toolbars that include the tools you use most often.

Toolbars display beneath the window tabs. You can drag and drop a toolbar to move it to any location on the toolbar row or rows. Click the toolbar grip to drag the toolbar.

Grip bar on toolbar

Tip: To quickly display a menu that allows you to hide toolbars, display additional toolbars, or access Toolbar Preferences, right-click the grip of a toolbar.