How can I set preferences for how Notes windows open and Notes window themes?

You can set a preference to specify how your IBM® Notes® windows open. You can also save the tab order, and specify a windows theme.

About this task

Use these steps to set a preference for how documents or applications are opened.


  1. Click File > Preferences > Windows and Themes.

    Macintosh OS X users: Click Notes > Preferences > Windows and Themes.

  2. Optional: Select On restart, reopen any tabs that were open when I closed the client to reopen the window tabs in the same order they were when you closed the client, the next time you open Notes®.
  3. Select Use large icons in the Open List to change the size of the icon display in the Open List.
  4. Select Inform me that I can return a panel to an applications from the View menu if you use composite applications and you move a panels, so that you will be prompted how to return the panel to the view.
  5. Select Inform me that I can return a panel to the sidebar from the View menu to be prompted when you remove a panel back from the sidebar that you add it back to the sidebar by using the View menu.
  6. Under Window Management specify how Notes® will open a document or a Notes® application:
    • Open each document in its own window - each document opens a new Notes® window.
    • Open each document in its own tab - (default) each document opens a new window tab in your active Notes® window.
    • Group documents from each application on a tab - groups documents, such as mail messages, in a single tab. For example, if you open your mail, a window tab opens. Subsequent messages open in the Mail window tab. A number count displays in the window tab to show how many documents are open.



About this task

Select a display theme from the list to change the window theme for Notes®:

  • Operating System Theme for Low Vision - select this option if you are visually impaired.
  • Notes 8 Theme - uses Notes 8 fonts and colors.
  • Operating System Theme - uses the fonts and colors you have set for your operating system (for example, display or theme setting you set using the control panel.
Note: Depending on how your administrator set up your Notes® account, you may not be able to change your Theme settings.