Creating group mailing lists

You can create a mailing list to send messages to a group of people. Then, to address the message (or meeting invitation or to do assignment), enter the group name in an address field.


  1. Click Contacts icon
  2. Click the arrow next to New > Group.
  3. (Optional) Select Mark Private so that people who manage your contacts for you can not see this entry.
  4. Enter a group name.
  5. (Optional) Enter a description of the group.
  6. Click Members to add names from your contacts list or a server's directory.
  7. Click Save & Close or click Save to save the contact entry, but keep it open for further changes.
Tip: Once you have created a group mailing list, you can use it to send a message or invitation to only some members of the group.
  1. After you add the group name to the address field, press F9 to expand the group list name and view all of the members. Then remove one or more names before sending the invitation or message.