Viewing the To Do list

Use the To Do list to track your personal and group to do tasks. All list views show the status, task, and category of your to do. If you have chosen to have your To Do items display in the calendar view, they appear after the date bar and before the time slots in the view.

About this task

Click To Do icon to open the To Do list in a tab, and then click any of the following views:
  • One Day -- shows the day's tasks including the type of to do (personal, group, milestone) and to whom it is assigned.
  • One Week and Month -- shows the duration of tasks on a calendar. Milestones display red.
  • One Year -- shows the tasks for each month of a calendar year. Milestones display red.
  • Other To Dos – use this to show To Do lists to which you have been delegated access. Click Open To Do for... and, in the dialog box that appears, select the user whose To Do list you want to open.

In all views:

  • Completed tasks are indicated by a check mark.
  • Overdue tasks are indicated by a red exclamation mark.
  • In the calendar view, click the arrows next to the date to change the calendar date, week, month, or year.