Managing a group To Do item

To manage a group to do item, you can add or remove an assignee, reschedule a due date, mark an item complete, cancel an item or perform other tasks.

About this task

You can perform any of the tasks listed in Table 1 to manage a group to do assignment.
Table 1. Tasks for managing group To Do items
Task Description
Add an assignee
  1. Click the Add/Remove tab.
  2. Enter a name in the Assigned to, Optional, or FYI fields.
  3. Click Save & Send.
Remove an assignee
  1. Click Add/Remove.
  2. Select a name in the Assignments already sent area.
  3. Click the right arrow button.
  4. Click Save & Send.
Reschedule a due date
  1. Click Actions, and then select Reschedule.
  2. Select new start and end dates, and include any comments you want to send with the notification.
Mark an item complete Click Mark Completed.
Cancel Click Actions, and then select Cancel. Assignees will receive a cancellation notice.
View invitee status Click Actions.
Send message to invitees Click Actions.
Forward the to do item From an accepted to do item, click the arrow next to Forward.
Note: To edit a repeating to do, select the instance that you want to open. You can apply your changes to one or more instances.