Responding to a To Do assignment

When you receive a notification of a group to do, you have the option of accepting, declining, or delegating the assignment.

About this task

Open the to do message in your Inbox and do any of the tasks described in Table 1.
Table 1. Tasks for responding to To Do assignments
Task Steps
Accept Click Accept, and then choose one:
  • Accept
  • Accept with comments
Decline Click Decline and then choose one:
  • Decline
  • Decline with Comments
Note: To decline only specific instances of repeating to dos, accept the to do, and then decline selected instances.
Mark Completed Click Mark Completed. If you are assigned a task that you have already completed, you can use Mark Completed without having to first accept the task.
Delegate the to do to someone else Click Decline > Delegate. Enter the name of the delegate or click the arrow to select from a directory.
Propose a new time Click Decline > Propose New Time. Select new start and end dates.
Note: To propose new dates for repeating to dos, accept the to do, and then select specific instances whose dates you want to change.
Note: You can check your schedule from an open group to do by clicking Check Calendar.