The following schemas are provided with the JNDI Adapter installation:

The Generic Naming schema can be used to perform RMI Repository, WebLogic and File System operations. It can also be used to perform user-specific naming operations. If the URL command line option does not contain a supported protocol such as LDAP, FILE, RMI, IIOP, DNS, or WebLogic it is assumed that the adapter is performing a generic naming operation.

All protocols are processed by the JNDI Adapter, however, if an unsupported protocol is used and the adapter does not recognize it, an exception is thrown and the adapter fails with the following message:

"WARNING: unsupported protocol " + protocol_name

The use of schemas is required in add, modify and delete operations. Schemas can be used in lookup operations when the adapter is used in an output card (a three (3) parameter GET). If lookup parameters are supplied in both a schema and the command line's URL parameter, the parameters in the schema are used and the corresponding URL parameters are ignored.