Interoperability between JNDI adapter and other adapters

The Object Pool used by the JNDI Adapter is shared by some other adapters, notably the Java Class and JMS adapters. Objects created in one adapter can be passed by reference to another adapter.

The Object Pool is also useful for creating local Objects, such as Referenceable Objects. A Java class can have a method that returns an Object which is a Referenceable Object. This locally generated Object can be stored, for example, in an RMI registry by passing its reference id to the JNDI Adapters add or modify operation.

Objects retrieved from JNDI operations and stored in the pool usually need to be narrowed before they can be used outside of JNDI. Narrowing objects is beyond the scope of the JNDI Adapter since it might require external third-party software or services. For example, to narrow the result of a COS Naming operation, you need a fully initialized ORB.

Adapters that aim to share Objects with the JNDI Adapter should take this into account.