Return values

Lookup operations are expected to return values. The format of the return data is described below.

No Hits One Hit Multiple Hits
Directories DSML DSML DSML
Naming Repositories No data Raw data DSML

Lookups on a specific name in a naming repository might only return one hit. Lookups on a general domain within a naming repository return a collection of hits.

Each object returned from any lookup naming and directories is examined by the adapter. If it is a simple object, its value is returned. If it is not a simple object, it is stored in the Object Pool and its reference id is returned.

Multiple values return data similar to the following:

<dsml:dsml xmlns:dsml=""> 
    <dsml:entry dn="cn=Test, o=HCL Software, c=US">
         <![CDATA[ top ]]>
     <dsml:attr name="homepage">
         <![CDATA[ ]]>
    <dsml:attr name="someObject">
         <![CDATA[ Ref.786542 ]]>

Return data for a single value in a naming context is similar to the following: