Using Smart Upgrade server failover

IBM® Notes® Smart Upgrade with server failover is available in a clustered server environment.

To use this feature, paste the link for the Smart Upgrade application into a Configuration Settings document on a clustered server. When the Notes® user logs in, the user’s home server's Configuration Settings document is checked to access the link to the Smart Upgrade application.

Smart Upgrade then checks that server for the link to the application. If the server containing the application is available, it uses it otherwise the upgrade process searches for a server within the cluster.

When a Notes® user receives the Smart Upgrade prompt and clicks OK to initiate the upgrade, the name of the server containing the Smart Upgrade application is written to the following NOTES.INI settings as follows:
  • SmartUpgradeDBpath=server_name!!database_file_name
  • SmartUpgradeReplicID=replica_ID