Creating the Smart Upgrade application link and controlling concurrent downloads

In the Domino® Directory, the Configuration Settings document contains a Smart Upgrade Database Link field in which you paste the link to the Smart Upgrade application.

About this task

Domino® uses the replica ID of the Smart Upgrade application in the link and does the following in this order:

  • Looks for a local replica, and if found, uses it.
  • Looks for a replica on any cluster mates if the server is in a cluster, and if found, uses it.
  • Uses the application on the server specified in the link in the Server Configuration document.

During this procedure, you enable the Smart Upgrade Governor feature that allows you to limit the number of concurrent Smart Upgrade attempts.


  1. In the Domino® Administrator, open the Smart Upgrade application that you created.
  2. Click Edit > Copy as link > Application link.
  3. Click Configuration > Server > Configurations.
  4. Select the server, and then click Edit Configuration.
  5. Click the Smart Upgrade tab.
    Note: Smart Upgrade first checks for the Smart Upgrade link in the Configuration Settings document of the home server specified in the Notes® client Location document. If that Configuration Settings document does not contain a Smart Upgrade link, Smart Upgrade next checks the * - [All Servers] Configuration Settings document for the link.
  6. On the Smart Upgrade tab, paste the link in the Smart Upgrade Database link field.
  7. In the Limit Concurrent Smart Upgrade field, enable the Smart Upgrade Governor.
    Note: When Smart Upgrade Governor is enabled, you can limit the number of times that Smart Upgrade attempts are made by specifying a value in the Maximum Concurrent Downloads field.
  8. In the Maximum Concurrent Downloads field enter a value for the maximum concurrent number of Smart Upgrade attempts that can be made while the Smart Upgrade Governor is enabled. The default is 100.
  9. Save and close the Configuration Settings document.
  10. Add upgrade kits to the Smart Upgrade application.