Specifying an Allclient or Notes-only kit for Smart Upgrade

Smart Upgrade contains the Smart Upgrade kit recognition feature. For Windows, Smart Upgrade can determine whether to install a Notes® client-only kit or an Allclients kit for each user. The Allclient kit is only available for a single user install, not a multi-user install.

The Notes® installer sets the value of the InstallType= setting in the NOTES.INI file each time upgrade is performed. Smart Upgrade compares the Install Type value in the Smart Upgrade kit document to the InstallType field in the NOTES.INI file and installs the upgrade kit that matches the Install Type specified in the NOTES.INI file.

Smart Upgrade recognition upgrades one install type, for example, Notes® client only to a newer release of the same install type. You cannot use Smart Upgrade to install a Notes® client only install and then use it later to perform an All clients install for the same user on the same computer.

The following values can be used with the NOTES.INI setting InstallType=

  • InstallType=2 -- Allclient install (not available for Linux or Mac OS)
  • InstallType=6 -- Notes® client only install