Understanding the Person document

The Person document describes a Notes® or non-Notes user in the Domino® Directory.

This document is created when you register a user via the user registration interface in the Domino® Administrator or when you use the Add Person action on the People & Groups tab in the Domino® Administrator. Person documents are stored in the Domino® Directory and can be modified as necessary. Changes that you make for a user often impact the Person document. For example, when you change a user's name, modify a user's roaming status, or delete a person, the change impacts the Person document. When a user name is deleted, the corresponding Person document is also deleted.

Refer to the following topics for information on the Person document.


First name

Middle initial

Last name

User name

Alternate name

Short name

Internet password


Mail system

Mail file

Forwarding address

Internet address

Encrypt incoming mail


User and server key rollover

Notes® certificates

Internet certificate

Flat name key



Check password

Required change interval

Grace period

Last change date

Password digest

Name change request

LTPA user name

Assigned policy

Proposed alternate common name

Proposed alternate unique organizational unit

Proposed alternate name language