Assigning an explicit policy

You assign explicit policies on the Policy Assignment tab of the explicit policy document during user registration, using the Assign Policy tool available in the IBM® Domino® Administrator client. You can also assign an explicit policy in the user's person document. If you want your explicit policy to be a dynamic policy, assign users and groups using the Policy Assignment tab on the Policy document. If your policies include Setup and Registration policy settings, assign them during user registration so that you can take advantage of these settings.

About this task

Use the Assign Policy tool to apply explicit policies to existing IBM® Notes® users or to groups, or to change the assignment from one explicit policy to another.

Note: The Assign Policy tool is not available in the Domino® Web Administrator.

You can also add, change, or remove an explicit policy assignment to an individual Notes® user in the Person document. All changes to policy assignments are recorded in the log file (LOG.NSF).