Using notes.ini file settings for iNotes® in a mixed environment

The following notes.ini file settings have been replaced by settings in the configuration settings document beginning with IBM® Lotus® Domino® 7. To configure users who have the DWA7, Mail8 or a later mail template, use the appropriate settings on the iNotes tab of the configuration settings document instead of these variables.

About this task

Although you cannot use these notes.ini file settings beginning with Domino® 7, they have not been obsoleted, and are still valid for users who have the iNotes6 mail template. In a mixed environment in which both iNotes6 and DWA7 or later mail templates are used, the notes.ini file setting will apply to iNotes6 users, but the corresponding configuration settings will override these notes.ini file settings for DWA7, Mail8, or later mail template users.

Table 1. Notes®.ini file settings that have been replaced by Configuration Settings document settings

Notes®.ini Setting

Configuration Settings document field


Instant Messaging features


Online awareness


Prefer IBM® Sametime® Java Connect for browsers


Local Archiving


Set an Instant Messaging server hostname for all Domino® Web Access users


Allow secrets and tokens authentication