Notes.ini file settings used when integrating iNotes® with Connections Files

There are several notes.ini file settings that correspond to the settings on the mail policy settings document, Connection Files Integration section. When configuring IBM® iNotes® integration with IBM® Connections, these notes.ini file settings override the corresponding settings in the mail policy settings document. To set up iNotes® and Connections integration, use the steps in the procedure Integrating iNotes with Connections files.


You can use these notes.ini file settings when integrating iNotes® with Connections Files. The preferred way to configure iNotes® and Connections is by using the mail policy settings document, Connection Files Integration section, but you can choose to use the notes.ini file settings instead.
Table 1. Notes.ini file settings that override mail policy settings for integrating iNotes® with Connections

List of notes.ini file settings that override settings mail policy settings.

Notes.ini file setting Description
iNotes_WA_FilesInteg Default = 0. When set to 1, iNotes® integration with Connections files is enabled. To disable integration, set to 0.
iNotes_WA_FilesServer URL that points to the files component installation, not the Connections installation. For example, enter
iNotes_WA_Files_ShareOnSend_Disable Default = 1. When set to 1, links in an outgoing email that point to files stored in Connections are shared with recipients, when possible.

When set to 0, sending shared files is disabled. The sender must then manually share the linked files in Connections with the recipients; however, it will reduce the load on the Connections server when all recipients do not need access to the file.

iNotes_WA_Files_ShareOnSend_MaxGroupSize Default = 100. Maximum group size for sharing linked files. By default, linked files are only shared with groups of 100 or fewer members. Sharing linked files with large groups of recipients is inefficient. In the case of a large group, it is better to put the file in a Connections community or in a folder with shared access. Use this setting to change the default group size limit. This limit only applies to private groups if the delivery option is set to Do not expand personal groups and that group has not been expanded earlier in the session.
iNotes_WA_Files_ShareOnSend_NewFwdLinksOnly Default = 1. To share files in a sent email that are newly linked or forwarded but not replied to, accept the default setting of 1. To disable the setting, set to 0.