Setting a maximum attachment size

You can set a maximum attachment size other than the default value.

About this task

By default, IBM® iNotes® allows a maximum attachment size of 50,000K (50MB). You can increase this amount by setting the Maximum attachment size (kb) field in the IBM® Domino® server configuration settings document, iNotes® tab. However, attachment size is based on two parameters that default to a 10,000K (10MB) limit independent of this setting. So even though iNotes® allows for a larger attachment, the following two settings must be increased to a value larger than the iNotes® maximum attachment setting for users to be able to add attachments larger than 10MB.

In the server or web site document, specify a value for these settings that is greater than the value in the iNotes® Maximum attachment size field:

  • In the server document, modify Internet Protocols > HTTP > Maximum Size of Request.
  • In the server or web site document, modify Internet Protocols > Domino Web Engine > Maximum Post data.