Using directory assistance to control which replicas of a Domino® Directory server can be used

A Configuration Directory is a small, selective replica of a domain Domino® Directory that contains only Domino® configuration information. A server with a Configuration Directory looks up information related to directory services, such as information in user and group documents, in a full replica of the domain primary Domino® Directory on a remote server.

About this task

You can create a Directory Assistance document for the primary Domino® Directory in a directory assistance database used by servers that have Configuration Directories. Do this to specify which replicas of a remote primary Domino® Directory the servers potentially can use. This step is not required -- if you do not use directory assistance, a server with a Configuration Directory uses a default, built-in logic, to find a remote replica of a primary Domino® Directory to use.

If you set up directory assistance to control which remote replicas of the primary Domino® Directory servers can be used, select the following key options in the Directory Assistance document.

On the Basics tab:

  • Next to Domain Type select Notes.
  • Next to Domain Name enter the domain of the servers with the Configuration Directories.
  • Next to Group Authorization select No. A server can use groups located in a primary Domino® Directory replica to authorize database access even when you select No because a primary Domino® Directory is always trusted for this purpose. Since you can select Yes for only one directory in the directory assistance database, select No to reserve the use of Group Authorization for another directory in the directory assistance database.

On the Replicas tab, make sure to configure failover for the directory.