Directory assistance and domain names

When you configure directory assistance for a directory you must configure a domain name for the directory that is unique within the directory assistance database. You use the Domain name field on the Basics tab of a Directory Assistance document to configure a directory's domain name.

If the directory is a remote LDAP directory, make up a unique domain name for the directory that is not the name of any Domino® domain.

If the directory is the Domino® Directory for a Domino® domain -- Domino® server setup created it -- specify the name of the directory's Domino® domain.

If you created the directory manually from the PUBNAMES.NTF template, and so it is not associated with a Domino® domain -- for example the directory is an extended directory catalog, or a Domino® Directory used to track Web user information -- do one of the following to specify a domain name for the directory:

  • If you want servers with Configuration directories to use the directory as their remote primary Domino® Directory, specify the Domino® domain of the servers with the Configuration directories.
  • If servers won't use the directory as a remote primary Domino® Directory, make up a unique domain name for the directory.