Using directory assistance to prevent the LDAP service from searching the primary Domino® Directory

You can set up directory assistance for the primary Domino® Directory to prevent a server that runs the LDAP service from using the primary Domino® Directory when processing LDAP requests. For example, you might want the LDAP service to use a secondary Domino® Directory, but not the primary Domino® Directory.

About this task

The primary Domino® Directory from which you exclude LDAP searches can be local, or can be remote if the server running the LDAP service has a Configuration Directory.

If you set up directory assistance to prevent LDAP searches of the primary Domino® Directory, the key options to select in the Directory Assistance document are the following ones.


  1. On the Basics tab:
    1. Next to Domain Type, select Notes.
    2. Next to Domain Name, enter the domain of the servers that run the LDAP service.
    3. Next to Make this domain available to, deselect LDAP Clients.
    4. Next to Group Authorization, select No to reserve the use of Group Authorization for another directory in the directory assistance database.
  2. On the Replicas tab, do one of the following:
    • If all the servers that use the directory assistance database are within one domain and use a local primary Domino® Directory, you have to specify only one replica. Directory assistance requires the replica specification to load properly, but the servers always do lookups in their local primary Domino® Directory replicas, regardless of the replica you specify. An easy method is specifying an asterisk (*) in the Server Name field, and a file name such as NAMES.NSF in the Domino Directory File Name.
    • If the server running the LDAP service has a Configuration Directory, complete the Replicas tab to indicate which replicas of the remote primary Domino® Directories to use.