Number of directory assistance databases

Before you set up directory assistance, plan how many directory assistance databases to use. You can create and configure one directory assistance database that all or most servers use. Or you can create more than one directory assistance database, with groups of servers -- for example servers within a domain -- each using specific ones.

All the servers that use a particular directory assistance database must use a directory configured in the database for the same services. If groups of servers require the use of different directories or services, create a separate directory assistance database for each group of servers to use.

For example, suppose all servers use an Extended Directory Catalog, but one group of servers only use, in addition, a remote LDAP directory for client authentication. You would set up a separate directory assistance for that group of servers that contains Directory Assistance documents for both the directory catalog and the LDAP directory. For the other servers, create a directory assistance database configured for the directory catalog only.