Registering new groups in Active Directory and in Domino® Directory simultaneously

You can register new groups in Notes® at the same time you register them in the Active Directory.

Before you begin

Before registering new groups, review all of the ADSync settings, especially the Notes® Settings and Container Mappings.

About this task

Complete this procedure to simultaneously register a group in Notes® and in Active Directory:


  1. From the Microsoft Management Console (MMC), right-click Users > New > Groups.
  2. Complete the Active Directory group fields on the first window that displays, and then click Next.
  3. Complete these Notes registration fields on the second window that displays:
    Table 1. Notes® registration options



    Register in Domino® Directory

    Click this check box to create a Notes® group to correspond to the Windows group. Deselect to create the group only in the Active Directory. When this option is selected, all other fields on this dialog box are active.

    Group name

    Enter a group name.

    This field is active only if you select the Register in Domino Directory check box.

    Group type

    Specifies the purpose of the group and determines the views in the Domino® Directory where the group name appears:

    • Multi-purpose -- Use for a group that has multiple purposes -- for example, mail and ACLs. This is the default.
    • Access Control List only -- Use for server and database access authentication only.
    • Mail only -- Use for mailing list groups.
    • Deny List only -- Use to control access to servers. Deny List only is typically used to prevent terminated employees from accessing servers, but this type of group can be used to prevent any user from accessing particular servers. The Administration Process cannot delete any member of this type of group.

    This field is active only if you select the Register in Domino Directory check box.


    (optional) Enter a description of the group.

  4. Click Next.
  5. Review the information that displays and click Finish. Click OK.

Adding members to a group


  1. From the MMC, select the name of the group to which you are adding members.
  2. Complete the fields on the Newgroup Properties dialog box.
  3. Click Apply and OK.