Mapping Active Directory containers to Notes® certifiers and policies

Use the Container Mappings tab on the ADSync Options dialog box to define the mapping between Active Directory containers and Notes® certifiers and Notes® policies. Container mappings are used to register new users and translate group member names into the correct Notes® format during synchronization. The group members must belong to an organizational unit that is mapped to a specific Notes® certifier.

About this task

When initializing, ADSync reads all Active Directory containers, Domino® certifiers, and explicit policies from the Domino® Directory on the registration server. Because Active Directory allows you to create a hierarchy of organizational units and containers, it makes sense to preserve that hierarchy in Domino® by using different certifiers and policies to register people from different Active Directory containers. Plan and then specify mappings between two hierarchies before starting to use ADSync, especially if any of those hierarchies are extensive. If you do not specify mappings, the default certifier name and organizational policy are used. You can map multiple containers to one policy and/or to one certifier.

When you create or delete Active Directory containers or Notes® certifiers and policies, they can be mapped using the Container Mappings table by closing and reopening the Microsoft Management Console.

Container Mappings in ADSync differ for each Active Directory domain.


  1. From the MMC, choose Domino Directory Synchronization.
  2. Click Container Mappings.
  3. Scroll through the AD Container list until you locate the Active Directory containers to which you are mapping a particular Notes® certifier and/or a Notes® Policy. If you are mapping more than one container to one policy or certifier, select multiple containers before choosing a policy or certifier.
  4. Right-click the corresponding Notes Certifier field (it may appear blank). An editable field appears. Enter the certifier name or select one from the list.
  5. Right-click the corresponding Notes Policy field (it may appear blank). An editable field appears. Enter the policy name or select one from the list.
  6. Continue this process until you have mapped as many containers, certifiers, and policies as needed.
  7. Click Apply and OK.


To allow the new policies and certifiers to display in the dialog box, close and then restart the Microsoft Management Console.