Deleting Active Directory and Notes® users and groups

When you delete a user or group from the Active Directory and there is a corresponding user or group in the Domino® Directory that was synchronized with it, ADSync removes the Person document or Group document for that Domino® Directory entry using the Administration Process on the deletion server.

About this task

When you delete a Notes® user or group, all references to it are removed from the Domino® Directory by the Domino® Administration Process running on a Domino® server. After initiating the deletion, you must approve the request in the Administration Requests (ADMIN4.NSF) database on the Domino® server.

You can designate a deletion server and change user mail file deletion settings in the Notes Settings tab of the ADSync Options dialog box. You can also specify another administrator ID, rather than using the one that was most recently used.


  1. From the MMC, right-click the name of the user you are deleting, and then click Delete.
  2. Click Yes at the verification message.