Renaming Active Directory and Notes® users and groups

When you rename a user or group in the Active Directory, and there is a corresponding user in the Domino® Directory that was previously synchronized with its Active Directory counterpart, ADSync renames or recertifies that user or group accordingly. The server that is used for synchronizing the Domino® Directory with the Active Directory is the synchronization server that you specify on the Notes® Synchronization Options tab.

About this task

When you rename a Notes® user or group, all occurrences of that user name are updated in the Domino® Directory and other databases by the Domino® Administration Process on the Domino® server.

To rename a user or group in Active Directory and in Domino® Notes®


  1. From the MMC, right-click the name of the user or group you are renaming, and click Rename.
  2. Enter the user's or group's new name.
  3. Complete the fields in the Rename User/Group wizard. Be sure to enter the new name in any fields in which you want the name change to take effect.
  4. On the Verification to Rename dialog box, verify that the check box Corresponding user or group in Domino Directory is selected to change the name in the Domino® Directory.
  5. Click Yes.