How users of a managed replica can open a server-based replica

When a managed replica exists, it opens by default in response to most user actions. But a user can open the server replica instead.

The managed mail replica is intended to be used as an abstraction of the user's server based mail file. Even though the location still indicates that the user's mail file is on the Domino® server, user gestures which access the mail file transparently access the local managed replica rather than the server-based file. The following gestures access the local replica :
  • Selecting Open > Mail from the bookmark list.
  • Selecting Create > Mail > Message.
  • Selecting File > New > Message.
  • Selecting Actions > Forward.
  • Sending mail from a third-party application (for example, Adobe Reader).
  • Double-clicking a workspace icon of the mail file.
The user can still directly access the server based copy by explicitly opening it. The following gestures explicitly open a specific server-based replica of the mail file:
  • Selecting File > Open > Notes Application, then browsing to the desired server and replica.
  • From the Workspace entry or from the Open List, selecting Open Replica and then selecting a specific server-based replica.