Controlling the number of managed mail replicas created concurrently in your organization

Performance of managed mail replicas can degrade if too many are created simultaneously. For this reason, 25 concurrent creations of managed replicas are allowed by default. But, you can use a component of Smart Upgrade called the Smart Upgrade Governor to determine the number of replicas that can be created concurrently.

About this task

You can tell that you need to control the number of managed replicas created if users see the following message:

Access to this server has been restricted due to excessive load
Note: Your users are not required to use the Smart Upgrade process in order for the governor component to control managed replica creation.

Taking the following steps allows more than 25 managed replicas to be created concurrently.


  1. Edit the Server Configuration document
  2. On the Client Upgrade tab, select Enabled for Limit Concurrent Smart Upgrade under Smart Upgrade Governor.
  3. Enter a smaller value for the Maximum Concurrent Downloads than the default of 100 that is set when the Smart Upgrade Governor is enabled, but larger than 25.
  4. Save and close the Configuration document.