Enabling full text searching for managed replicas

The administrator can provide full-text search features for a managed replica even when the server-based replica is not indexed for full-text searching.

About this task

If the server-based replica of a user's mail file has a full text index, when a local managed mail replica will be is created, a local full text index is also created, so that the user will have the same search capabilities as on the server. However, some organizations do not have full-text indexing enabled on their servers for performance reasons.

If users have sufficient free disk space, the administrator can provide full-text capabilities for managed replicas by enabling it for all local replicas (not just managed replicas).

Note: The data for building the full-text index is retrieved in a background session.


  1. On the Domino® server, open the Desktop Settings policy document.
  2. On the Preferences > Replication tab, enable Create a full-text index for faster searching.