Forwarding an event to the Tivoli Enterprise Console®

You can use the event handler notification method, Forward event to Tivoli Enterprise Console®, to allow the Tivoli Enterprise Console® (TEC) to receive Domino® events and reformat them as TEC events. The reformatted TEC event is then sent to the TEC server that you specify in the Configuration Settings document.

About this task

To use this notification method, you must complete these steps:


  1. Enable logging to Tivoli Enterprise Console®.
  2. Load the Event task on the Domino® server.
  3. Create or use an existing Event Handler that can send an event to Tivoli Enterprise Console®.
  4. In your Tivoli® server configuration, set up a new rule base to allow the Domino® event to be sent to the TEC event database. For instructions about setting up a new rule base on the Tivoli® server, see the IBM® Tivoli Enterprise Console® Rule Developer's Guide in the IBM® Tivoli Enterprise Console® information center in the related information. You can also reference the wrb command in the IBM® Tivoli Enterprise Console® Command and Task Reference in the same Information center.
  5. Right click on the rule base you just created, and then click Import into Rule Base.
  6. On the Import Into Rule Base dialog box, Class Definitions section, click Import Class Definitions.
  7. In the Position to insert imported class file section, click Insert After.
  8. Select tec.baroc.
  9. Select the file DOMINO.baroc.
  10. Click Import and Close.

Enabling the Tivoli Enterprise Console® task


  1. From the Domino® Administrator, click Configuration.
  2. Click Configurations.
  3. Select the Configuration document and then click Edit Configuration.
  4. On the Basics tab, locate the Tivoli Enterprise Console Settings section.
    Table 1. Tivoli Enterprise Console® Settings options



    Enable Logging to Tivoli Enterprise Console®

    Click to enable logging to TEC.

    IP Address

    Enter the IP address of the TEC server to which the Domino® server will forward events.

    Port Number

    Specify the port number of the TEC server. The default port number is 5529.