What's included in Domino installation

Learn more about the products that come with Domino installation.

HCL Nomad server on Domino

Nomad server on Domino is now included by default on the Enterprise version of Domino for Windows 64-bit and Linux. The installation files are included in the Domino installer and will be deployed into the right directories during Domino installation. Nomad server on Domino includes HCL Nomad for web browsers, but does not include HCL Nomad for Android or iOS.

During Domino installation, a nomad_server_readme.html file pointing to the HCL Nomad Administration product documentation will be available in the Domino Program Directory to guide with setup, configuration, and management of Nomad server on Domino. Note that the following sections do not apply:

Further information on Nomad server on Domino and the Nomad clients can be found in the HCL Nomad product documentation.

HCL Verse

HCL Verse is now installed by default on Windows, AIX, and Linux (this isn't currently available on IBM i). The Verse installation files are installed and expanded by default during Domino installation.

For setup information, see Installing and configuring in the HCL Verse 3.0 documentation.

Note: You can skip steps 10 through 14 (the steps that are now accomplished by this Domino feature).

If you don't want Verse or Nomad server on Domino installed, during the Domino installation process you can select Domino Custom Enterprise Server as the server type, and then uncheck both or either in the list of options.