Running the Domino-Portal integration wizard

Use the Domino-Portal integration (DPI) wizard to configure an IBM® WebSphere® Portal server to work with your Domino-based infrastructure.

Before you begin

The DPI wizard requires that both the Domino® server and WebSphere® Portal server be installed and set up:

  • WebSphere® Portal server 6.0 with security enabled, configured with Domino® LDAP, not clustered, and with no support for IBM® Access Manager for e-business or Computer Associates eTrust SiteMinder.
  • Domino® LDAP server, configured as the LDAP server for WebSphere® Portal 6.0, running Domino® with the LDAP and HTTP/HTTPS services enabled. The wizard communicates over HTTP, but specifying an HTTPS port as well allows for a secure transmission of the DTPA token that the wizard copies.
  • If security is enabled manually on the WebSphere® Portal server 6.0, instead of enabling security with the Advanced Configuration wizard on the WebSphere® Portal server, you will need to restart the WebSphere® Portal Administration server before you run the DPI wizard. To prevent having to manually restart the WebSphere® Portal Administration server, be sure to enable security in the Advanced Configuration wizard prior to running the DPI wizard.
  • All servers must be behind the same Internet security firewall, in the same Internet domain, and if they are Domino® servers, in the same Domino® domain.
  • To run the DPI wizard, you must be listed as an Administrator in the Server document in the Domino® Directory (names.nsf) on the Domino® LDAP server.

About this task

You can use the DPI wizard with the Domino® server. The DPI wizard eliminates many of the manual Domino® and WebSphere® Portal configuration steps required to run the Domino® and Extended Products Portlets, Common Mail and Common Calendar.

If the DPI wizard fails, use the View Log button to review the content of the log file. You can review the log file dpitasks.log generated during the configuration. The dpitasks.log file contains the wizard history and is stored on the Portal server at PortalServerHome/log. When the wizard completes, the log files are zipped into a file with this naming convention:, which can be found at PortalServerHome/config/wizard.

The wizard creates a fresh Web SSO environment for all of the Domino® servers in your Domino® domain that you choose to configure. If your installation of Domino® is new, or if your existing Domino® and HCL Sametime® servers have no Web SSO documents in their Domino® Directory applications (names.nsf files), no further action is needed and you are ready to run the wizard.

Complete these steps to run the Domino-Portal integration wizard.


  1. To start the wizard, from the portal server, directory PortalServerHome/config/wizard.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • On UNIX, type ./
    • On Windows , type dpiwiz.bat