The Files tab in the Domino® Administrator

The Files tab in the Domino® Administrator provides an easy way for you to manage files in the Domino® data folder.

About this task

You can perform the following tasks rom the Files tab:

  • View file information
  • Manage databases -- for example, compact databases and manage ACLs
  • Manage folders and links
  • Display disk space information

To customize the Files tab, you can:

  • Choose the types of files you see
  • Choose the folder contents you see
  • Customize the column display

To display the Files tab


  1. From the Domino® Administrator, click File > Open Server and select a server to administer.
  2. Click the Files tab.

To open a specific database or template


Select the database or template in the files pane of the Files tab, and then double-click.