Moving databases

It may be necessary to move a database from one server to another -- for example, to distribute databases evenly among servers. If there are replicas of the database, the server to which you move the database should have the appropriate Connection documents to replicate the database to other servers that store replicas. If you're moving a database to a server in a cluster, replication between the server and other servers in the cluster that have replicas of the database occurs without Connection documents.

Keep in mind that within a cluster, the Cluster Manager distributes workloads and provides failover to database replicas if one cluster server becomes disabled. Before moving a database in a cluster, you should analyze the cluster workload to be sure it will remain balanced after you move the database. Only the person who administers the cluster should perform the move.

You can use any of these methods to move a database:

  • Use the Domino® Administrator and the Administration Process to move the database.
  • Manually move the database. Use this option when you do not have access to the Domino® Administrator and the Administration Process.