Controlling the ODS versions of server-based databases

There are several ways to control the on-disk structure (ODS) version of server-based databases.

Before you begin

Learn about ODS, including the concept of default ODS version versus ODS version introduced with a specific Notes/Domino release. For more information, see Domino on-disk structure (ODS).

About this task

Prior to the introduction of the dbmt tool, the compact task was used to copy-style compact databases to upgrade the ODS version. The compact task can still be used today but the use of dbmt to copy-style compact is recommended because it's more efficient.
Table 1. Controlling ODS versions of server-based databases
Goal Steps More information
Use the default ODS version as a minimum on all databases on a server. Use the following dbmt tool command to compact databases that are lower than the default ODS version:
load dbmt -ut 0 -ct 4 -ods

Typically a Program document is run on schedule to execute the dbmt command. The dbmt command is preferred for compacting over the compact or updall commands.

The -ods flag prevents unnecessary compacting of databases that are already at the desired ODS version.

For more information, see Maintaining databases using the dbmt tool instead of updall.

Use an ODS version introduced with a specific Notes/Domino release when creating databases or doing copy-style compacting on databases.

Use the notes.ini setting Create_R<v>_Databases=1 on the server, where <v> is the Domino version in which the desired ODS version was introduced.

For example to use ODS 55 on new or copy-style compacted databases, use Create_R12_Databases=1

Revert a database ODS to the previous ODS version. Use the following server console command
load compact <database> -R
For example, running the following command on sales.nsf which is at ODS 53 reverts it to ODS 52:
load compact sales.nsf -R
Revert a database ODS one level down from that configured on the server. Use the following server console command
load compact <database> -r
For example, on a Domino 12 server that uses the Domino 12 default ODS version (52), the following command converts the sales.nsf database to ODS 51, if it is currently higher than that. (ODS 51 was the ODS version introduced in R8.5)

Or if the server is configured to use the Domino 12 ODS version 55 (by use of Create_R12_Databases=1), the command converts sales.nsf to ODS 53.

load compact sales.nsf -r