Backup and restore

As of Domino 12, functionality to back up and restore Notes databases and their associated transaction logs is provided with Domino servers.

Note: Backup and restore is available on Windows or Linux.

A new database, Domino Backup (dominobackup.nsf) provides an easy-to-use interface to configure backup and restore of Notes databases and templates. New server tasks, Backup and Restore, use the configuration in dominobackup.nsf to back up one or more databases and to restore individual databases on demand.

Backup to disk or network drive is available by default. However, the backup and restore capability is designed to function as middleware for integration with third-party backup solutions that you might already use and that are not Domino aware.

The focus is on Notes database backup and transaction log backup for point-in-time recovery. A separate backup solution is required for backup of system files such as the notes.ini file and DAOS files.

Domino backup and restore offers:
  • File system backup to disk or network drive with no third-party backup solution integration. Default file commands are provided according to specified operating system.
  • Integration with a third-party backup solution, including fast backup solutions that take snapshots of an entire file system. Third-party backup solution integration is configured through cmd files (Windows) or shell scripts (Linux), formulas, or agents.
  • Point-in-time restore of a database through the use of Domino transaction logs working in conjunction with full backups.
  • Restore options that include the ability to: easily select the point in time at which to restore a database, restore a deleted database to its original location, restore deleted documents or folders into their original database, disable replication of a restored database.
  • Restore missing or corrupted DAOS NLO files leveraging backups performed by a third-party solution.