Increase the document summary data limit to 16 MB

Starting with Domino 9.0.1 FP8, you can increase the document summary data limit on databases to 16 MB. Databases must be at ODS 52 or higher.

About this task

Summary data is data in non-rich-text fields, number fields, and date-time fields. Prior to Domino 9.0.1 FP8, the allowed combined size of the summary data for these fields in a document was 64 K. This limit is now 16 MB.

Note: The Notes client's document summary data limit is 64 KB.


Issue the following compact command on a server to enable the increased document summary data limit on a specific database:
load compact -LargeSummary on database.nsf
Tip: Or, use this shortened version of the command:
load compact -ls on database.nsf

Note: The size limit for a non-rich-text field is 64 K for databases at ODS 53 and lower levels, and 16 MB for databases at ODS 55. For more information, see Enhancements introduced in ODS 55 in Domino 12.