Controlling attachment indexing on servers

Use the notes.ini setting FT_INDEX_ATTACHMENTS on a server to control full-text indexing of attachments for all databases on a server.

About this task

By default, full-text indexing of attachments is controlled through database properties. The following options allow you to specify a uniform behavior for all databases on a server.
Option Description
FT_INDEX_ATTACHMENTS=1 Index all attachments without conversion filters. This method is fast but less reliable. This method works well for ASCII text files or file formats that contain mostly ASCII text. For other file formats, use of this option can cause unexpected or inaccurate search results for these reasons:
  • Characters outside of the ASCII range are excluded from full-text indexing.
  • There is no parsing of structured data, so, for example, indexing an HTML attachment also indexes structural elements in addition to ASCII text.
  • ASCII text tokens are extracted from binary file attachments which can give unexpected search results.
FT_INDEX_ATTACHMENTS=2 Do not full-text index attachments.
FT_INDEX_ATTACHMENTS=3 Index all attachments using conversion filters. For more information, see Attachment full-text indexing with conversion filters.