Running the Dircat task

Run the Dircat task to build a directory catalog initially. Then continue to run the task at scheduled intervals to keep the contents of the directory catalog synchronized with the contents of the source Domino® Directories and to keep the directory catalog synchronized with the directory catalog configuration selections. Always run the Dircat task on one server to build and update a particular directory catalog. If you run the Dircat task on more than one server against the same directory catalog, replication conflicts occur. Use the field Restrict aggregation to server in a directory catalog configuration document to ensure that the Dircat task on only one server can process a particular directory catalog.

Running the Dircat task on schedule

About this task

Schedule the Dircat task on a Dircat server to run at regular intervals by doing the following:


  1. Make sure there is a directory catalog database with a completed configuration document.
  2. From the Domino® Administrator, click the Configuration tab.
  3. Expand Directories > Directory Cataloger, and choose Settings.
  4. Click the Server Tasks > Directory Cataloger tab.
  5. Complete these fields, and then click Save & Close:
    Table 1. Directory Cataloger tab fields



    Directory Catalog filenames

    The file name(s) of the directory catalog(s) the Dircat task should process. Separate multiple file names with commas.


    Select Enabled.

    Run Directory Catalog aggregator at

    A time range or one or more specific times to update the source directory catalog. Separate multiple time entries with commas (,). The default is the range 08:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

    Repeat interval of

    A number representing the minutes between updates that are scheduled during a time range. The default is 360 minutes (every 6 hours). Consider reducing this interval to have the Dircat task run every 60 or 120 minutes.

    Days of week

    The days of week to run the Dircat task. The default is daily.

Running the Dircat task manually

About this task

To run the Dircat task manually on a Dircat server, issue this server command:

load dircat dc.nsf

where dc.nsf is the file name of a local directory catalog on the server.

You can do a full rebuild of a directory catalog. Keep in mind that a full rebuild removes and recreates all the aggregated documents so that the first replication after the rebuild will require a full replication of the database.

To do a full rebuild of a directory catalog, you can run the dircat task against the directory catalog using the -r switch, for example:

load dircat dc.nsf -r

Or you can do a full rebuild by clicking the Clear History button on the advanced tab of the directory catalog configuration document.

Pausing the Dircat task

About this task

Before you shut down a server that is in the middle of Dircat processing, pause the Dircat task. When you pause the Dircat task, the Dircat task finishes aggregating the directory catalog it is currently running on and then goes idle. if you don't pause the Dircat task before server shutdown, the Dircat task must reaggregate the directory catalog it was processing at the time of server shutdown from the beginning.

To pause the Dircat task, enter this server command:

Tell Dircat Pause

You can then shut down the server. Or, to resume Dircat processing, enter this server command:

Tell Dircat Resume