Overview of setting up a condensed directory catalog

The following tables describe the databases, documents, and fields you use to set up a condensed directory catalog, in the order in which you use them.

Table 1. Configuration for a condensed directory catalog




Used for an extended directory catalog too?

Directory Profile of each Domino® Directory to be aggregated in the directory catalog

Domain defined by this Domino Directory on the Basics tab

Associates groups in the directory with a domain to distinguish between different groups with the same name in more than one Domino® Directory


Directory catalog Configuration document in database created from DIRCAT5.NTF

All fields

Used for directory catalog configuration


File / Database / Properties / Design in database created from DIRCAT5.NTF

Default sort order

Provides the Dircat task with the sort order of entries in the condensed directory catalog


Domino® Directory Server document of Dircat server that builds the directory catalog

All fields in the Server Tasks > Directory Cataloger tab

Provides the Dircat task with the file name(s) of the local directory catalog(s) to aggregate and a schedule for running


Desktop policy settings document in Domino® Directory in which clients are registered

Mobile directory catalogs field on the Databases tab

Sets up a condensed directory catalog automatically on Notes® clients