Editing the notes.ini file

The Domino and Notes notes.ini files contain the settings required for the server and client to operate correctly. If you modify or add settings in a notes.ini file, do so cautiously and never edit the file directly with a text editor.

To modify notes.ini settings on a server:

  • Create a Configuration Settings document and edit its settings. Using a Configuration Settings document, you can add and modify many notes.ini settings at a time. However, there are a number of settings that you cannot set in the Configuration Settings document. Also, because a Configuration Settings document applies only to Domino® servers, you cannot use it to modify a Notes® client's notes.ini file settings.
  • Use the Set Configuration server command.
Note: Editing a notes.ini file directly on a server is unsafe and can also cause issues with specifying non-ASCII characters such as umlauts.
  1. From the Domino® Administrator, open the Domino® Directory and click Configuration in the navigation pane.
  2. To edit an existing Configuration Settings document, highlight it and then click Edit Configuration. To create a new configuration document, highlight the server for which the Configuration Settings document will apply, then click Add Configuration.
  3. To modify notes.ini settings on the server, click the NOTES.INI Settings tab. This tab lists a number of current settings in the server's notes.ini file.
  4. To add a setting, click Set/Modify Parameters to display all settings that you can set in the Configuration Settings document. Select the setting(s) you want to add from the list. Type the value for the variable in the Value field.
  5. To modify or clear a setting, highlight a notes.ini variable in the list and click Clear. In the Clear Parameter or Value field, choose Clear parameter or Clear value. If you are clearing a parameter, be sure to clear the value before clearing the parameter. If you choose to clear a value, you can type in a new value.
  6. Save and close the document.

The Current® parameters field displays the notes.ini settings that have been configured for the server. You can also see historical information about the last notes.ini setting that was configured on the server, including the name of the setting, the value to which it was set, the name of the person who configured it, and the time and date on which it was configured.