Full-text indexing directory catalogs

A condensed directory catalog should have a full-text index, but a full-text index on an extended directory catalog is optional.

Full-text indexing condensed directory catalogs

About this task

Because a server uses full-text searches rather than view lookups to find any of the following information in a condensed directory catalog, it is important that the directory catalog has a full-text index:

  • Names that don't correspond to the selected sort order for the directory catalog
  • Soundex fields
Note: Users cannot directly full-text search condensed directory catalogs.

When you replicate a condensed directory catalog, the replica you create is full-text indexed automatically. However, if you use the file system to make a copy of a condensed directory catalog, the copy is not full-text indexed.


  1. Recreate the full-text index manually if you delete a full-text index from a condensed directory catalog, or use the file system to make a copy of the catalog.
  2. Because only client users use a condensed directory catalog, conserve disk space by deleting full-text indexes on any server replicas.

Full-text indexing extended directory catalogs

About this task

It is generally not necessary to full-text index extended directory catalogs, because servers rely primarily on view searches to look up information in them. An exception is if a server running the LDAP service uses an extended directory catalog.


Create a full-text index for an extended directory catalog if LDAP users use something other than names in search filters, because these types of LDAP searches use the full-text index.