setRefreshFullText method (DominoQuery - Java)

Sets a new value for the DominoQuery property RefreshFullText. This property controls whether a full text index is refreshed with all database updates prior to a query being executed or explained.

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void setRefreshFullText ( boolean refresh ) throws NotesException


boolean refresh

True or False

Returned value



Processing triggered by this setting is performed when explain or execute is called for a DominoQuery instance. If true, the full text index for the database in use is refreshed prior to the first term using it. If there are no full text terms (that is CONTAINS is not used), the setting has no effect. To see the current value, use isRefreshFullText. Useful to ensure that a full text index is updated before a query. Given the volatility and amount of unindexed content, settings of true or false can be justified.

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