setRefreshDesignCatalog method (DominoQuery - Java)

Sets a new value for the DominoQuery property RefreshDesignCatalog. This property controls whether the Design Catalog is refreshed when processing a query using execute or explain.

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void setRefreshDesignCatalog ( boolean refresh ) throws NotesException


boolean refresh

True or False

Returned value



Processing triggered by this setting is performed when explain or execute is called for a DominoQuery instance. If true, the Design Catalog is inspected for any design changes that affect it. If there are no changes, no work is done and there is very little cost. If there are changes to relevant design elements, the Design Catalog is rebuilt. If true and the Design Catalog has not been created, it is created prior to running the query.

If you do not have Designer access to the database being queried, calling setRefreshDesignCatalog may fail during execute or explain with "You are not authorized to perform that operation".

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