Java Classes A-Z

These are the lotus.domino classes that access the Domino® Objects. Following each class are alphabetical descriptions of the properties and methods for that class. A "property" consists of the Java methods that get/set properties of Domino® Objects. To find the property or method you want, turn to the class to which the property or method belongs.

This section defines the following:

Properties and methods with ECL security using Java

Domino Object supporting classes and methods

Java constants

Visibility interface

ACL (Java)

ACLEntry (Java)

Agent (Java)

AgentContext (Java)

AdministrationProcess (Java)

ColorObject (Java)

Database (Java)

DateRange (Java)

DateTime (Java)

DbDirectory (Java)

Directory (Java)

DirectoryNavigator (Java)

Document (Java)

DocumentCollection (Java)

DominoQuery (Java)

DxlExporter (Java)

DxlImporter (Java)

EmbeddedObject (Java)

Form (Java)

International (Java)

Item (Java)

Log (Java)

MIMEEntity (Java)

MIMEHeader (Java)

Name (Java)

Newsletter (Java)

NoteCollection (Java)

NotesProperty (Java)

Outline (Java)

OutlineEntry (Java)

PropertyBroker (Java)

QueryResultsProcessor (Java)

Registration (Java)

Replication (Java)

ReplicationEntry (Java)

RichTextDoclink (Java)

RichTextItem (Java)

RichTextNavigator (Java)

RichTextParagraphStyle (Java)

RichTextRange (Java)

RichTextSection (Java)

RichTextStyle (Java)

RichTextTab (Java)

RichTextTable (Java)

Session (Java)

Stream (Java)

View (Java)

ViewColumn (Java)

ViewEntry (Java)

ViewEntryCollection (Java)

ViewNavigator (Java)