NotesProperty (Java)

Represents a single property in the Composite Applications properties of a Domino® application. Properties are data transmitted to or from the Property Broker, which routes your application's communication with other components in a composite application. Properties are defined in a Wiring Properties design element.

Note: This class is new with Release 8.0.1.


public class NotesProperty extends Base


Contained by: PropertyBroker


Description through getDescription

IsInput through isInput

Name through getName

Namespace through getNameSpace

Title through getTitle

TypeName through getTypeName

Values through getValues and setValues






All methods are inactive when called by applications running on the Domino® server, or running on the client without Notes® 8 standard configuration.

The Publish method is used to transmit the value of one of your application's output properties to the Property Broker, which then passes the value on to the actions of any other components that are wired to receive that property. In addition to using this method, property value changes can be automatically published by associating a property to a view or folder column.