Registration (Java)

Represents the creation or administration of an ID file.


public class Registration extends Base


Contained by Session


AltOrgUnit through getAltOrgUnit and setAltOrgUnit

AltOrgUnitLang through getAltOrgUnitLang and setAltOrgUnitLang

CertifierIDFile property through getCertifierIDFile and setCertifierIDFile

CertifierName through getCertifierName and setCertifierName

CreateMailDb property through getCreateMailDb and setCreateMailDb

Expiration property through getExpiration and setExpiration

GroupList through getGroupList and setGroupList

IDType property through getIDType and setIDType

IsEnforceUniqueShortName through isEnforceUniqueShortName and setEnforceUniqueShortName

IsMailCreateFTIndex through isMailCreateFTIndex and setMailCreateFTIndex

IsNoIDFile through isNoIDFile and setNoIDFile

IsNorthAmerican property through isNorthAmerican and setNorthAmerican

IsRoamingUser through isRoamingUser and setRoamingUser

IsStoreIDInMailfile through isStoreIDInMailfile and setStoreIDInMailfile

IsSynchInternetPassword through isSynchInternetPassword and setSynchInternetPassword

IsUseCertificateAuthority through isUseCertificateAuthority and setUseCertificateAuthority

MailACLManager through getMailACLManager and setMailACLManager

MailInternetAddress through getMailInternetAddress and setInternetAddress

MailOwnerAccess through getMailOwnerAccess and setMailOwnerAccess

MailQuotaSizeLimit through getQuotaSizeLimit and setQuotaSizeLimit

MailQuotaWarningThreshold through getQuotaWarningThreshold and setQuotaWarningThreshold

MailReplicaServers through getMailReplicaServers and setMailReplicaServers

MailSystem through getMailSystem and setMailSystem

MailTemplateName through getMailTemplateName and setMailTemplateName

MinPasswordLength property through getMinPasswordLength and setMinPasswordLength

OrgUnit property through getOrgUnit and setOrgUnit

Parent through getParent

PolicyName through getPolicyName and setPolicyName

RegistrationLog property through getRegistrationLog and setRegistrationLog

RegistrationServer property through getRegistrationServer and setRegistrationServer

RoamingCleanupPeriod through getRoamingCleanupPeriod and setRoamingCleanupPeriod

RoamingCleanupSetting through getRoamingCleanupSetting and setRoamingCleanupSetting

RoamingServer through getRoamingServer and setRoamingServer

RoamingSubdir through getRoamingSubdir and setRoamingSubdir

ShortName through getShortName and setShortName

StoreIDInAddressBook property through getStoreIDInAddressBook and setStoreIDInAddressBook

UpdateAddressBook property through getUpdateAddressBook and setUpdateAddressBook


addCertifierToAddressBook method

addServerToAddressBook method

addUserProfile method

addUserToAddressBook method

crossCertify method

deleteIDOnServer method

getIDFromServer method

getUserInfo method

recertify method


registerNewCertifier method

registerNewServer method

registerNewUser method

switchToID method


To create a new Registration object, use the createRegistration method in Session.


The properties are intended to be set before calling the methods. The usage notes for the properties and methods provide the necessary detail.

The following methods create a new ID: registerNewCertifier method, registerNewServer method, and registerNewUser method. These methods create an ID file and optionally create a record for the ID in the Domino® Directory. The latter function is available independently through addCertifierToAddressBook method, addServerToAddressBook method, and addUserToAddressBook method.